maandag 9 mei 2011

weekend @ home

Hello to everybody!
I had a nice, relaxing weekend, with a lot of activities.
My weekend began on thursday afternoon 4pm. Yippie!
Then I crossed the country (not that Belgium is that big, luckely for me) by train to go back home, to stay with my parents and boyfriend that weekend.
Me and my boyfriend visited Lille (in France) friday. That's really not that far from where I live (20 minutes with the train, so I go there often, because it's an excellent city to shop :)). Me and my boyfriend went to Lille because we need a present for mothersday (that was yesterday/sunday).
Luckely we find a gift very quick! I gave my mom a nice present, and she was really happy.
Here you can see what i gave her:
Le plateau d'aromatiquesLe plateau d'aromatiques
"un plateau d'aromatique"
The first picture is an idea how it needs to look like, but there aren't herbal plants already, they need to be planted first ofcourse!
My mom loves working in the garden and that kind of stuf, so this present is really something for her.
Btw: it's a really nice shop, you find there all kinds of things for the garden, decoration, beautiful toys for kids, delicious tea, candles, etc.
Here's the website of the shop (there's also a webshop):

I didn't bought so much for myself this time, except for a really nice black/grey hat and a belt. These 2 things were things I needed and I was searching for those accesoires for a long time.
I really love hats, I'm a hat women, that's a thing that really suits me. I wish to collect all kinds of hats, they make you feel special :)
When I was a kid I wanted to become a hatdesigner or a fashiondesigner, but things went differently, although it's still a dream. When I'm graduated from university I want to take classes in the evening like: sewing, designing costumes and clothes, painting, ...
painting, playing theatre, being creative were things I did when I was a child and when I was a highschool student. But now I have so less time :(
and there's soooo much I want to do :)

What I still do is bellydancing (every saterday morning, I take 2 advanced classes). I'm not bad at it, i'm a advanced dancer now, because I dance already for a couple of years, 4 I think. That's just a beginning ofcourse, I want to become really good, so I do my best. At the end of the year (in june) the teacher organise a huge event, it's a huge party where all the students perform. This year I dance 3 times in it (normally you perform just 1 time), so I'm looking forward to it :)
And ofcourse I hope I don't forget the dancesteps, because that wouldn't be such a great idea when you are dancing at the front row :)

Sunday was a quiet day, I didn't do much to be honest. At morning we went to my grandparents for a drink and some snacks, an aperitif (Is that an English word? :s) and in the afternoon I watched a movie with my brother and father, and tried to study a little bit. But that didn't go smoothly :)


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