About me

Hello, welcome and thanks a lot to visit my blog!

I'm Sien
A 21 - year - old university student @ the KULeuven, a university in Belgium. I study Arabic and Middle Eastern culture and languages. And I am also a bellydancer and a vegetarian. Dancing, cooking, painting, collecting pictures and drawing are my passions.

These are the things I love: Going to a concert, summer, spring, grass, books, music, the library, the zoo, le jardin botanique, Lille (France), chocolate, apple pie, brownies, vegilicious food, my boyfriend, old pictures, roasted coffee beans, paper, poetry, cats, fishes, birds, jewelry, a lot of jewelry, bracelets, rings and earrings, a train who isn't too late, taking a bath, writing things down, pens, different kinds of paper, postcards, tea, Arabic, Arabic music, my laptop, shoes, strawberries, notebooks, pillows, candles, white christmas lights, henna, cooking, eating, pasta, asperges, flowers, selfmade ice cream, giant chocolate chip cookies, dancing in my room, walking, woods, polka dots, teapot, the colour red, pictures of food, love

I hope you enjoy reading my blog, feel free to react or ask me questions and don't forget to follow! You can find the blue "follow me" button under the lovely pictures on the right side.

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